The Highveld

The rainfall ranges from as little as 400 mm to 900 mm per annum. With its moderate climate and summer rainfalls, the Highveld is the most developed agricultural area in South Africa. However, periodical spells of drought can cause havoc. During winter some rain occurs and snow is not uncommon. Winter temperatures range from cool to very cold. Belfast is one of the coldest places in South Africa.

The Eastern Escarpment

Weather conditions in this area can be very erratic. The Drakensberg Mountains influence the climate to a great extent and the most violent thunderstorms in the country can occur here. In winter the mountain peaks are covered in snow and heavy mist is a regular feature. Owing to the exceptionally high rainfall, misty weather and availability of water, lush vegetation adorns the Drakensberg Escarpment.

The average annual rainfall in the Lowveld is influenced by height above sea level. Areas lower than 600m above sea level average 500 to 750 mm rain per year. Most of the Kruger National Park is situated in this area. Places at 600m to 1200m above sea level average 750 to 1 000 mm rain per year and the Escarpment can average as much as 1500 mm per year.


Summer temperatures are warm to hot during the day and cool in the evening. Daytime temperatures in the winter are mild and it seldom becomes very cold. Frost rarely occurs .