Natal Mahogany

Rooiessenhout – Trichilia emetica

  • In traditional medicine the bark is known for the emetic property suggested by the species name
  • Bark is used as an enema
  • Oil from the seed is said to have great healing powers and is even used in the treatment of broken limbs
  • Research has shown that the roots have insect repellent properties effective against the Southern army worm & the Mexican bean beetle
  • Seeds with scarlet arils are said to be poisonous, but are eaten by birds and fich when they drop into the water
  • Wood is used in furniture making, timber develops with age and polishing to a lovely patina, but wood is prone to damage by insects & is soft
  • Several insects are associated with the tree: 1. Caterpillars of the emperor moth Pselaphelia flavivitta feed on the leaves; 2. Larvae of the weevil Acatus rhombicus live in the seeds; 3. Spittlebug nymphs also live on this tree.
  • Very dark green leaves.


This Province is in the Savannah Biome, an area of mixed grassland and trees, which is generally...

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