Lala Palm

Hyphaena coriacea .-

  • Fan of leaves on top of a long straight stem
  • Wood spongy
  • Sap is collected to make strong traditional wine
  • To obtain the sap the palms are first burnt & then their crowns are removed to stimulate the flow of juice up the stem & allow it to run from the wound, it is tasteless when fresh, but on fermentation it grows in flavour, finally rendering a liquid of respectable strength.
  • Also used to make mats, baskets, hats and rope & occasionally the leaves are used in thatching
  • Tree known also for its “ivory” – the extremely hard white kernel of the seed which is almost indistinguishable from true ivory and is carved into small ornaments, other trinkets and to adorn walking sticks
  • Elephants have a predilection for new leaves, branches and fruits and aid in seed dispersal
  • The Palm swift is associated with this palm for roosting and nesting.