Fever Tree

Koorsboom – Acacia xanthophloea

  • Found near water
  • Characteristic colour of the stems apparent from the 2nd year of growth
  • Bark of young stems tend to peel off in thin papery strips
  • The rather sickly pallor of the fever trees comes from the presence of chlorophyll
  • In other trees the chlorophyll goes to the leaves, but in the fever tree this function is shared by the bark and the leaves and is the probable reason for the trees relatively few leaves.
  • In the past it was thought you got malaria from these trees hence the name fever tree. This was due to them growing in such damp areas where mosquitoes breed
  • They can photosynthesize even in winter due to the chlorophyll in the stem


This Province is in the Savannah Biome, an area of mixed grassland and trees, which is generally...

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