Common Coral Tree

Gewone koraalboom – Erythrina lysistemon

  • Bright red colour of the blooms is an indicator of pollination by birds which are attracted by the colours toward this end of the spectrum
  • Leaves appear well after flowering
  • Lucky bean seeds
  • Mammals make little use of it due to the toxic properties of the seeds and leaves
  • Meyers parrots, however, are very partial to the green seeds and they also pick the flowers and suck out the nectar with great skill
  • Sunbirds and several other birds also use the nectar
  • Timber is very soft and light, therefore good nesting sites for birds such as woodpeckers and barbets
  • Research shows that the seeds contain, in addition to poisonous alkaloids, a protein with a blood clot solvent which could have significance in the treatment of thrombosis.


This Province is in the Savannah Biome, an area of mixed grassland and trees, which is generally...

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