William Campbell Museum

Marriott Road – Originally the home of the sugar  magnate, Sir  Marshall Campbell.    His daughter,  Killie Campbell, devoted  her life to  collecting  rare  books,  pictures,  maps  and unpublished  manuscripts  about  Africa,  resulting in  one  of  the  world’s  most  important collections of Africana.

Zulu  beadwork and more than 400 original  paintings by D. Barbara Tyrrell, depicting  the costumes worn by the tribal peoples of Southern Africa are on display.   After the death of his sister, William Campbell presented the house, grounds and collections as a museum to the University of Natal and it is maintained as a research library and study centre.

The garden contains many species of bougainvillaea.  A Mr Poulton worked at the Durban Botanical Gardens and upon his retirement the Campbell family allowed him to use their garden to carry out his experimental work.  He was able to breed several new colours here.