Old Railway Station

Designed by William  Street Wilson,  this  building was  completed as  a two  storied  stone structure in 1894.  Two further floors were added in 1904.   The free Flemish Revival style employed in its design has made this a particularly rich building.  Note the dolphin motif in the modulated stone balustrade to the first floor veranda and the highly modulated roof design. The building’s pivotal position on the corner of Pine Street and Soldier’s  Way is celebrated in the detail of the main door and the delightful cupola on the roof.  The ‘N.G.R.’ over the main doors refers to the Natal Government  Railways.  With the construction of the  new railway station along Umgeni Road,  ownership  of the entire railway complex reverted  to the City Council.    Many of  the  more  important  buildings were  retained  and converted  into new premises.  Part of the rear of the Old Railway station and the link to the main platform shed had to be demolished to make way for the Commercial Road extension.

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