Founded in 1873 and named after William Stanger, first Surveyor-General of Natal, Stanger is nowadays combined with kwaDukuza (Place of the forest?), the original name given to it by Shaka.

During the last few years of his life, Shaka built a new capital, kwaDukuza (place of the lost person – because of the complexity of huts) for the Zulu nation on the site of what is today Stanger. About 2 000 of the traditional beehive-shaped huts were built and its was here that king Shaka was assassinated by his two half-brothers Mhlangana and Dingane in 1828. In the centre of the town stands a memorial in a small garden, marking the site where the founder of the Zulu nation was buried.

Stanger is the commercial, magisterial and railway centre for one of the most important sugar producing districts. The Natal North Coast Museum of Regional History is situated in Stanger. South African Pulp and Paper Industries (Sappi) have a large paper mill at Stanger where it converts bagasse (the pulp of sugar cane left after the extraction of the juice) into high quality coated and other paper.

Joint Administration: Stanger, Kwadukuza, 8/ythdaleBeach, and Shakaville. Main Places of Interest: Shaka’s monument, museum, Shaka’s spring, Marivane execution cliff, and mosque.

Agricultural Activities: Sugar cane, cash crops.