Oribi Gorge and Nature Reserve

Part of the spectacular gorge of the Mzimkulwana River (little Mzimkulu) was proclaimed a nature reserve in 1950. Tall, red-orange sandstone cliffs overlook a dense forest of trees, creepers and flowering plants. Various species of antelope live here – duiker, bushbuck and the oribi that gave the gorge its name.

The road from Port Shepstone winds through hills until it reaches the summit of the Oribi flats, a plateau that lies between the converging gorges. In the reserve is a Natal Parks Board camp and picnic site, with a hotel nearby. A turn-off on the road to the reserve leads to the famous Hanging Rock. The 300 million years old sandstone rock juts out for 2m. The surrounding, softer layers of rock have been eroded away by wind and rain.

The shell Museum at Shelly Beach has one of the largest displays of shells in South Africa.