Richly lined with both Jacarandas and Oak trees, Cullinan’s main street (Oak Avenue) is a living museum and favourite destination amongst tourists.

Whether you’re looking to spend some cash in one of the little shops, or enjoy a delicious lunch with friends or take a lazy stroll down the historical street, there is much to see and do in Oak Avenue.

The Cullinan Diamond Mine, probably the most popular attraction in Cullinan, offers visitors an informative glimpse into the operations and history of this historic mine where the world’s biggest diamond was found in 1905.

When visiting the Diamond Mine, one should definitely make time to spend in the surrounding small Victorian town itself as well, exploring it’s rich history and breathtaking charm.

Strolling through Oak Avenue - Mining Tour

Definitely worth the visit, As Greek As It Gets (see photo below) is a popular greek restaurant with a wonderful artsy-craftsy atmosphere and delicious food.  Chef Patron Stavros Vladislavic’s restaurant is also known for an extensive wine list, and well-known as one of Cullinan’s most famed and loved restaurants.

  • A must visit for antique lovers, is the Rust In White shop (top most picture), famous for it’s rusted items with a unique form of shabby chic. The shop’s garden is quite a feast for the eye, colourfully decorated with wonky old rusted items, from plates to pots, cups, watering cans and more.
  • A venue that is truly worth the visit, Jan Harmsgat se Agterplaas is not known for the selling of a big variety of artsy products, but also houses a popular barnyard theatre. The Agterplaas is also a popular venue that hosts weddings, birthday celebrations, corporate functions and conferences, tailor-made to every need.
  • Looking for a place to stay? Oak House is a popular guest house ideally situated close to all major Cullinan tourist attractions, including the Prima Lux Enterprises diamond wholesalers.
  • Shops well worth the visit in Oak Avenue includes The Cockpit Brewhouse, The Art of Silver shop for fine silver jewellery, classic timepieces, rare coins and investment art, The Lemon Tree Garden Restaurant and the Cullinan Information Centre.


  • Make sure to stop by The Rose Pantry for a wide selection of preserves, pickles and dutch cheese. Another famous destination of tourists to Cullinan is the Whispering Oaks Garden Café and the modern chic Harries Pancakes restaurant.
  • To those interested in architecture and the rich history of the Victorian town, be sure to stop to take a picture of Nedbank branch of Premier Mine, a beautiful old sand-stone building with a rich history.
  • Famous for their relaxing Sunday Breakfast, the popular Under The Oaks restaurant is a must visit for food lovers.
  • For those looking for a place to spend some cash in Oak Avenue, there’s the Cullinan Jewel Shopping Centre – a recently upgraded complex that caters for all the sectors represented in Cullinan whilst adding to the town’s renowned ‘old world’ charm.