A member of the dwarf antelope group, the Steenbok is a delicate little dwarf antelope that spends the day moving through the savannah in search of food.

Steenbok are petite, weighing 7-16 kg and measuring 70-95 cm in length. Unlike the crouched stance of forest duikers, steenbok carry their heads high and have long legs, with a shoulder height between 45 and 60 cm. The hind quarters and lower parts/belly are pure white.

The male Steenbok have upright, slender horns projecting above the eyes. Conspicuous black, facial glands are situated in front of the large, dark brown eyes. These pre-orbital glands are noticeable in both sexes.

70-95 cm in length.

7-16 kg.

Open savannah country where they are reliant on adequate cover in the form of taller grass and bushes.

Steenbok are abundant in South Africa and distributed widely throughout the country. They are considered a common species.

Diet – Herbivores
Browsers, Steenbok feed on shoots, young leaves, tubers, flowers and fruits. They seldom drink as they obtain the moisture they require from their diet.

This delicate little dwarf antelope spends the day moving through the savannah in search of food. Although it feeds on many kinds of plants and fruit, the steenbok can go for long periods without drinking, a useful adaptation in a dry habitat.

Gestation is seven months after which a single lamb is born. Lambs are concealed for the first three to four months, during which time the mother only makes contact in the early morning and evening to feed and groom the infant. Steenbok use old aardvark burrows as places to raise their young, and as refuges from predators.

Life Expectancy
9 years in the wild.

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